First Friday Features

Kentucky Derby

It’s Fri-YAY you guys! I’m starting a new series here called The First Friday Features. Every first Friday, I’ll share a few things that I find to be fun, interesting, or unique. Let’s kick it off with these cool things:

  • I can’t believe we’ve only got a month left here in Kentucky and we never got around to visiting the Kentucky Derby. Totally unacceptable.
  • Are overalls back?
  • I love having fresh flowers in the house, but what’s the secret to keeping them fresh the longest?
  • Ridiculously gorgeous but completely unnecessary, and I totally need this.
  • My husband says the next chair we purchase MUST be a recliner (blargh), but I really, really, really want this one. What do you think, is it better to ask for permission or for forgiveness?

Happy Friday, y’all! Have a lovely weekend.


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