DIY Notepad and free printable

I’m back with another quick little craft project for you! A DIY notepad, complete with a free printable! We’re getting to the point where the kids are getting older and I might be comfortable leaving them with a qualified and trusted baby-sitter who is not family (don’t quote me on that), so I created this useful little “baby-sitter notepad” in the event I’ll get a grip and quit being Paranoia-Mom the Husband and I actually get a date night out.

Here are the players:


1. Print out about 50 sheets and cut them out using a paper cutter or scissors. You can also get them printed professionally at Kinko’s or Staples or some other print & copy center but I recommend the DIY version if you want to save some cash.

2. Stack the sheets together. Cut a piece of heavy card stock to size and put it at the back of your stack. This is just for added stability – this step is optional. Squeeze a thin line of glue along the top edge. Spread it out with your finger so that it’s an even, thin layer across the top edge. Add another coat or two of glue.

3.  Clip the sheets and card stock back together with binder clips and let it dry.

4. Remove the binder clips once the glue is dry and voila! You have your very own DIY notepad that tears off, sheet-by-sheet, just like what you’d buy in a store! Cute, right?


Feel free to download and print your own baby-sitter notes by clicking the image below:


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