West Elm Knockoff Decor Series: Chevron Reclaimed Wood Bed

How to build a DIY West Elm-inspired Reclaimed Wood Bed

Hi friends! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (thank you – you rock!), you would’ve already seen sneak peeks of this project. I’m super excited to finally share the plans and tutorial with you! If you’re just joining us, here’s the skinny: this Summer, myself, along with four other DIY bloggers have each tackled a… [Read More]

How To Build A 9-Drawer Dresser {Part Three: The Small Drawers}

How to build a dresser

Hello friends! Welcome back! Okay, so here’s where we left off last week: the large drawers are done (happy dance!) so now we’re moving onto building the small drawers. Are you ready? Hold onto your hats, ladies and gents, because this is going to be so stupid simple it’ll have you going, “well, duh!” Read… [Read More]

How To Build A 9-Drawer Dresser {Part Two: The Large Drawers}

How to build a dresser

Welcome back, friends! So, this is where we left off: Read the complete tutorial: Part One: Building the Carcass Part Two: Building the Large Drawers Part Three: Building the Small Drawers Part Four: Final Details *This post contains affiliate links. To read my full disclosure policy, click here. Now that the carcass is built, we’ll need… [Read More]

How To Build A 9-Drawer Dresser {Part One: The Carcass}

How to build a DIY dresser - free plans and tutorial

Alright you guys. I’m going to be splitting this tutorial into separate parts because I want to share all the blood (yes, there was blood – but it’s not what you think), sweat (buckets of it thanks to the brutal Southern summer heat and humidity), and tears (because I am a girl, after all) it took to build this beast… [Read More]

{Guest Post} Family Command Center

How to create a functional and stylish DIY family command center | The House of Wood

Hi friends! I’m hanging out with Jen and the I Heart Organizing team today, sharing our family command center. My daughter will be starting Kindergarten next month so I dedicated a space for her to have an after-school snack while tackling homework and book reports. (Do they write book reports in Kindergarten? I’m new at this, can you tell?)… [Read More]

West Elm Knockoff Decor Series: Reclaimed Cubby Shelf

How to build a DIY West Elm-inspired Reclaimed Cubby Shelf

Welcome back to the 2nd installment of our West Elm Knockoff Decor Series! Myself, along with four other DIY rockstar bloggers are sharing our West Elm-inspired projects throughout the summer. For this month’s challenge, we’re turning our attention to organizational items in the West Elm catalog. I chose to knock off this Reclaimed Pine Cubby Shelf…. [Read More]

One Board Challenge: DIY Folding Lap Desk

How to build a DIY folding lap desk or breakfast tray out of a single 8-foot board! Free plans and tutorial

How’s this for full circle: I am writing this post as I sit in bed, with my laptop open on my newly-built folding lap desk. DIY just makes life better, amiright?! This folding lap desk is definitely making my life better rightthisverysecond. In short, my thighs aren’t EN FUEGO. Okay, so here’s the dealio, you guys: I challenged… [Read More]

West Elm Knockoff Decor Series: Jardine Butler Stand

Tutorial on how to build a DIY West Elm Butler Stand.

Hi friends! Welp. We made it safely to our next duty station but we are still digging ourselves out of a mountain of cardboard boxes. In fact, we’re considering moving out of this house, into the 5-bedroom/3-bath cardboard mansion that we’ve constructed in our front yard. The neighbors love us already, I can tell. When Aniko from Place… [Read More]

How To Build A Rolling Grill Cart

Tutorial on how to build a DIY rolling outdoor grill cart - free plans!

*This post is brought to you by The Home Depot. Hi friends! I’m super excited to share my latest project with y’all! And what perfect timing, right? Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Wouldn’t this rolling grill cart make the perfect gift for your favorite Grill Master? My dad is a USC grad (and rabid fan), so… [Read More]

The Home Depot DIY Workshop: Rolling Grill Cart

How to build a rolling grill cart - free DIY workshop at The Home Depot!

*This post is brought to you by The Home Depot. Hiiiii! It’s that time again. Oh, you know what time it is. It’s time to watch my awesomely awkward self brandish some badass power tools in person! Oh yes. You read that right. Birmingham, Alabama, I’m comin’ for y’all. Are you excited? I’m excited. For those of you… [Read More]

RYOBI Nation Party Station

Outdoor party station mobile cart featuring storage for a large cooler, drawer that pulls out and doubles as a serving tray, pipe towel bar, and kiddie table! So COOL!

*This post is brought to you by RYOBI. Woohoo! It’s Friday, y’all! And it’s Memorial Day weekend! Do you have any holiday weekend plans? If you’re like most Americans, your weekend will include enjoying the great outdoors, whether it’s hosting a backyard BBQ or having a picnic while watching a fireworks display, spending time with friends and family, honoring our fallen heroes of These… [Read More]

DIY Stenciled Bench with Porch and Royal Design Studio

Great tutorial on how to stencil a DIY bench - gorgeous! She has plans on how to build the bench from scratch too!

*This post is brought to you by Porch and Royal Design Studio. Hello and happy Wednesday friends! How’s your week going? Mine has been rather slow-moving, as I am currently recovering from a nasty bug I picked up on Mother’s Day which progressed into pneumonia. Yeah. Pneumonia. Tons of fun, lemme tell ya. Seriously, who… [Read More]

DIY Desk: Finishing Tutorial

In-depth tutorial on how to paint raw wood furniture | www.jenwoodhouse.com

Remember this DIY Writing Desk I just built for my newlywed friends? As promised, I’m back to share the finishing tutorial with y’all! So here’s where we left off: That’s raw solid pine and birch plywood. First, I sanded everything down starting with 120-grit sandpaper, following up with 220-grit, and finally with 320-grit. Have you seen… [Read More]

DIY Writing Desk

How to build a DIY writing desk. Free plans and step-by-step tutorial!

The majority of my DIY projects are borne out of necessity and my latest build is no exception. My newlywed friends Josh and Marie needed a desk for their apartment. Josh is in seminary and is having to do his homework on their bed or on the floor. Most recently, he set up this ingenious solution: Pretty sweet, right? Sadly, this… [Read More]